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Vance Tran

Vance Tran

Vance is a dad, former software engineer, and tech lover. His quest is to make tech more accessible for non-techie users.

Tai Luu

Tai Luu

Tai “Ty” Luu is a tech editor. His passion for gaming has led him to explore gaming technologies. He constantly seeks new challenges to expand his skills in tech and gaming.

Hai Huynh

Hai Huynh became captivated by technology at a young age when he got his hands on a Gameboy to play Pokemon. Now, he writes technical articles to help readers solve problems on their own.

Anh Pham

Duy Anh has always had a keen interest in logical pursuits. During his free time, he works out while listening to philosophy podcasts and delving into profound contemplations.

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